//“Just Eat” First App To Publish Food Hygiene Ratings For Every Outlet

“Just Eat” First App To Publish Food Hygiene Ratings For Every Outlet

Food shipping firm that is online Eat has been the first to release hygiene evaluations.

The initiative was welcomed by food security chiefs and called to follow their example.

The firm established a #1million strategy of five or less.

FSA Chairman Heather Hancock stated:”I’m very happy to see Only Eat carrying the lead by creating this positive measure to release the food hygiene evaluations for companies on their site.

“With this transparency permits consumers to think about food security when choosing to purchase food online and will help drive up standards throughout the sector. I encourage other people in the industry to follow suit”

“More and more customers are opting to utilize online food delivery programs.

“The access to food hygiene evaluations in the point of purchasing will let them make informed decisions regarding where they buy their meals.

“We’d love to find others follow Just Eat example.”

Although it’s currently not mandatory for takeaways and restaurants to exhibit their Food Hygiene Rating on line, a Simply spokesman said the initiative supplied peace of mind to enhance standards.

The business also commissioned study from adults that demonstrated that 93 percent of individuals think it needs to be required to give access.

Eight in ten respondents said they believed it important to understand a food business’ Food Hygiene Rating before they bought food.

Only Eat UK Managing Director Graham Corfield stated:”We talked to clients about the info that they need before picking their takeaway, and their opinions has been apparent.

“They need simple access to impartial information concerning the hygiene standards of the regional restaurants and we have worked hard to make a reality.

“This will have the double advantage of providing clients all of the information they desire, while also incentivizing restaurants to spend in food hygiene and safety and finally push standards up round the entire sector — even when the food is not being arranged via us.

“Our clients ordered over 120 million foods through Only Eat past year and they deserve to have as much info as possible prior to making their food choices.”